Project leader

Greg Prescott
Projects Director
Phone:+44 1509 814790
Fax:+44 1509 817701

Project staff

David Maul
Engineering Manager
Phone:+44 1509 817700
Fax:+44 1509 817701


Institute presentation

Campden Instruments Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lafayette Instrument Co Inc. For over 50 years Campden has supplied instruments for neuroscience with engineering design and manufacture based in England as well as from the US factory of Lafayette.Products for the MATRICS project are Bussey-Saksida touchscreens systems for rat and mouse have a battery of translational tasks to non-human and human primates. These will be augmented by access gate systems.
Lafayette Campden also make a wider range of behavioural devices, for in vivo electrophysiology as well as tissue slicers and chambers for in vitro electrophysiology.

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