University of Exeter Medical School
RILD Building, Level 4
Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital
Barrack Rd
Exeter. EX2 5DW,
United Kingdom

Project leader

Professor Jonathan Mill
Phone::+44 (0)1 392 408 301

Institute presentation

The University of Exeter Medical School has a world-leading reputation for biomedical research and is currently investing £100 million to further enhance its facilities and capacity in functional genomics. The Medical School has state of the art facilities for second-generation sequencing and genomic analysis and a world-class faculty in this field. Dr Mill’s research aims to bring together genetic and environmental research strategies to study the development of psychiatric illness, thus making it a truly unique environment in which to perform epigenetic research into complex neuropsychiatric disease.

The University of Exeter will lead the epigenetic analyses in MATRICS. Our main tasks within the project will be to assess genome-wide patterns of DNA methylation using cutting-edge technology and bioinformatics pipelines in human clinical CD samples, and replicate specific differentially methylated regions (DMRs) nominated by these genome-wide analyses in additional sample cohorts. We will also assess patterns of DNA methylation in top-ranked animal models of CD and IPSCs generated as part of MATRICS. We will play a leading role in the integrated analysis of genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptomic data to identify potential druggable genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic and microRNA targets for further studies in animal models and IPSC development.
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