Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Joerg Fegert
Phone:0049 731 500 61600
Fax:0049 731 500 61602

Project leader; Lead WP 12

PD Dr. Ulrike Schulze
Phone:0049 731 500 61668
Fax:0049 731 500 61602

Project staff

Melanie Saam
Phone:0049 731 500 61702
Fax:0049 731 500 61602


Institute presentation

The University of Ulm is a leading German institute for medical research. The Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, headed by Professor Joerg M. Fegert, is specialized in top-level psychiatric treatment and research in neuropsychiatric disorders (e.g. ADHD, Conduct Disorders, Tourette Syndrome, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self Injurious Behaviour).
Research on efficacy and safety of medication treatment for psychiatric disorders in youths associated with ethical questions is a main focus of work. The Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychotherapy is equipped with 31 inpatient beds - distributed in 3 units - and 2 two-part day care units for 13 patients. In our outpatient clinic, we treat around 1700 children and adolescents a year.

In Memory of Prof. Andrea Ludolph

The MATRICS researchers are deeply saddend about the loss of Prof. Andreas Ludolph. She was highly valued as a scientist and clinician, but also as a person, whose genuine interest and compassion for people shone through. Andrea was very dedicated to MATRICS.
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